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PCS Sula Open 2021

Bigger than ever

We are excited to present PCS Sula Open July 7-10. The event will see the merging of the PCS and Sula Open into one large-scale event.

Prize pool

  1. 30.000
  2. 15.000
  3. 10.000
  4. 5.000
  5. 4.500
  6. 4.000
  7. 3.500
  8. 3.000
  9. 2.500
  10. 2.000
  11. 1.800
  12. 1.600
  13. 1.400
  14. 1.200
  15. 1.000
  16. 800
  17. 800
  18. 800
  19. 800
  20. 800
  21. 800
  22. 800
  23. 800
  24. 800
  25. 800
  26. 800
  27. 800
  28. 800
  29. 800
  30. 800
  1. 5.000
  2. 2.500
  3. 1.500
  4. 800

General information

The PCS Sula Open will be played at two different locations. Rounds 1 & 2 at Sula, Langevåg (Wed-Thu), and rounds 3 & 4 at Øverås, Vestnes (Fri-Sat). The two courses are approximately 1 hour apart by car.


Arrival by plane
We recommend flying to Ålesund, as it is closest to both courses. Molde is also an option, but it will take longer time to get to Sula from there. (2 hours by car)

There are buses that will get you to Ålesund centre from the airports. From Ålesund, it is only a 10 min ferry ride to Langevåg.

Timetable passenger ferry


Ålesund/Langevåg – Vestnes/Øverås
It is about 1 hour drive to Vestnes. There are also regular buses departures between Ålesund and Vestnes

Timetable bus transport


Course adresses:

Vasset Diskgolfpark

Remane 7
6030 Langevåg


Øverås Diskgolfpark
Batterivegen 7
6390 Vestnes


View large version of the event map here.

The PCS Sula Open will be played at two different locations. Rounds 1 & 2 at Sula, Langevåg (Wed-Thu), and rounds 3 & 4 at Øverås, Vestnes (Fri-Sat). The two courses are approximately 1 hour apart by car.


We recommend players to arrange accomodation in the Ålesund area until Thursday. Then it might be a good idea to move to Vestnes/Øverås, and stay there for the last two rounds and the player party.


If you prefer to stay at the same location the entire week, we recommend to book something close to Ålesund, or somewhere between Ålesund and Vestnes. This will require some driving. If you prefer to stay between the two courses we suggest you check out areas like Moa, Spjelkavik, and Sjøholt. There are many good Airbnb and hotel options at these locations.


Sula, Langevåg is located close to Ålesund, where there are several hotels and Airbnb options. From Ålesund, it takes only 10 min to Langevåg with the passenger ferry. All hotels in Ålesund city are within walking distance of the passenger ferry. A shuttle will be provided to the course from the ferry dock if you don’t prefer the 10 min walk. Some Airbnb options are available in Langevåg, but probably not enough for everyone.


Øverås/Vestnes is more remote. We have a deal with Vestnes Fjordhotell which will serve as the player hotel. It is located 10km from the course, and PCS Sula Open players have been given a good offer. Be sure to reserve a room early at, as the number of reserved rooms is limited. We will offer a shuttle transport between the hotel and the course. Please see details about the shuttle service below.


Due to the covid19-situation we choose to cancel the low-cost floor lodging originally planned.



For any questions about accomodation, please contact Jostein Håland – or +47 91860659

Due to the cancellation of the EuroTour and DGPT, there will be no shuttle service/transport for the event.


We have got an offer from where all players will be given 15% discount for car rentals during PCS Sula Open. Use client # CD 55144382 when booking, and you will get the discount.


For players without a car, we will offer a shuttle pass for the entire event. This will include the following transport:

  • Monday: Sula-Øverås-Sula for practice rounds.
  • Wednesday -Thursday: From the Ålesund passenger ferry to Vasset Diskgolfpark for rounds 1 and 2.
  • Thursday: Transport from Sula to Vestnes/Øverås for moving after round 2.
  • Friday-Saturday: Vestnes-Øverås-Vestnes. From the hotel to the course through the entire day for rounds 3 and 4.
  • Saturday: Øverås-Vestnes. Transport back to the hotel after the players party.
  • Sunday: Transport from Øverås/Vestnes to Ålesund Airport.

We will get back with time tables and more details later.


The players party is still on hold due to the covid19 situation. We will decide closer to the event if there will be a social gathering Saturday night.



We are working diligently to make the players party as legendary and safe as possible. Due to the ongoing pandemic and the almost daily revisions in rules and guidelines provided by the government, we will share developments when they present themselves.

Everything is still uncertain due to the covid-situation, but we hope we will be able to open the event for an unlimited number of spectators.


Our plan is to sell spectator passes, but they won’t be out for sale quite yet. We also plan to sell “VIP-passes” with added value of some kind,


More info to come!

Send us an e-mail at or through our Facebook-page PCS Sula Open if you have any questions or suggestions!

Tournament director for the event is Leiv Aspén.
Assistant TD for the event is Sivert Øveraas.


Got questions?

PCS Sula Open 2021