Øverås Discgolfpark

Rounds 3 and 4 at PCS Sula Open will be played at Øverås Diskgolfpark, also known as Ragnarok. It’s located by fjords and mountains in Vestnes, just between Molde and Ålesund in northwestern Norway.





Øverås Diskgolfpark was established in 2013, and has gone through many changes since then. It started just for fun, with 6 home made baskets randomly placed around the barn. But along with growing ambitions and goals, the course slowly grew to be one of Norways top courses as we know it today.  Areas with dense foliage was cleared, and more land transformed into new disc golf territory each passing year.

We made a couple of decent longer holes, and in 2016 we felt like the course was good enough to host the first ever PCS Open. Our goal was to make this a prestigious annual international event within a few years, and invited the 2009 world champion, Avery Jenkins, to help us promtote the event. We ended up playing a really compact 20 hole layout, including a few «minigolf holes». We can for sure say that all these were not Avery’s favorite type of holes. However, he loved the overall PCS Open experience, and has returned for the following 3 PCS Open events, witnessing the course develop into the top tournament course we have today.





The road to Ragnarok

The tournament layout has always been a combination of the premier holes from our standard course, combined with some additional holes exclusively used for tournaments. These have normally been the last 5-6 holes. In previous years we’ve also come up with a few more gold tees for our standard holes, making the course more suitable for top level players. Our goal is to present a fun, beautiful and demanding course, designed to challenge the 1000+ rated top players in the world. We also find score separataion in a fair way very important when designing the course layout.




Course layout 2021

The plan is to play most of the same holes as we did at PCS Open 2020. The major change is that holes 13, 14, 15 and 16 will probably be replaced by two brand new par 4’s. And that we will go back from 20 to 18 holes.

At the moment we also plan to:

-Push back the tees on holes 3, 5 and 11 to make them a little more challenging

-Remove the mandos on hole 4 and 11, as they won’t be needed.




YouTube coverage from PCS Open 2020:




Caddybook PCS Open 2020:


Course map PCS Open 2020:


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